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What I stand for

Updated: May 21, 2021

Hi there,

I'm Elise Tan, founder of Asia Startup Network and co-founder of Makan for Hope and Mentor for Hope initiatives.

My North Star

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and oppressed.”

Psalm 82:3 (NIV)

My strengths

  • Attracting awesome people to change the world together :)

  • Breaking down a problem and solving it fast

  • Connecting the dots to create positive impact quickly and successfully

My Passions

  • Empowering the disadvantaged as well as women with financial management skills

  • Helping promising startup founders to gain access to resources and networks to quickly yet sustainably grow and expand outside of Asia

  • Influencing investors to maximise positive outcomes of their investment

  • Leveling the playing field for children from low income families or with special needs

My Values (interestingly all start with Cs)

  • Collaboration Work with others to maximise positive impact

  • Commitment See through what I promise to do

  • Compassion Care for and support the weak and vulnerable

  • Courage Do what is right and to say yes to opportunities and take on challenges

  • Curiosity Stay hungry and foolish, not afraid to ask questions

I advocate for

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